Steiff Camel

This a Steiff camel on wheels.  It is from 1911-1916. It was made from wool felt and as can be seen has had better days. The owner had another person attempt a repair that was only able to stabilize the damage. The owner asked me if I could do anything to make the animal look better on display.

Picture of camel

I was able to obtain Steiff replacement felt and recovered the main areas of damage as can be seen to the left and below.  I make spot repairs on other areas that were in good shape and I cleaned and rejuvenated the fur.  I also repaired the blanket and replaced the bridal which was missing.  My research showed the bridal was on the camel when it came from the factory. The owner was pleased to see that the camel was something that she could display with pride.

Note: Click the pictures to see an enlarged view of the repair

Picture of camel

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