Dress beforeLenci Doll Dress

This repair involved a 1930's era Lenci Doll.  The doll and the dress were made of wool felt.  This material is very susceptible to light fading and moths.  As you can see from the pictures time had not been good to the Lenci doll's outfit.  Surprisingly the Lence doll itself had survived in much better shape.  The doll just needed a light cleaning and the hair reset.

The Transformation

New Dress

Based on the remains of the original dress and research in my library I was able to get a good idea of what the original lenci outfit looked like.  Based on this I was able to recreate a new dress as you see.  I used wool felt as in the original and some vintage organdy and flowers for trim.  The new dress made the lenci doll a thing of the joy that owner now can display with pride.  It also increased the value of the doll.


Note: Click the pictures to see an enlarged view of the repair New Dress

Please note that while a reproduced copy of the original lenci outfit will increase the value of a doll it will never have the same value as a Lencie doll in the original factory dress in as new condition. 

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