Antique Bisque Head Dolls For Sale

The following are the vintage and antique bisque head dolls we have for sale. We try to feature the best German and French bisque head dolls from the collections we have access to,  I hope the doll you are looking for is among the ones below.   Please click the details of the doll for more information or to purchase it.

  Portrait Jumeau  Doll

Portrait Jumeau Doll

Second series Portrait Jumeau Bebe doll.
See Portrait Jumeau Details

  Kestner 220 Toddler

Kestner 220 Toddler

Kestner 220 toddler doll. Part of the Kestner character doll series.
See Kestner 220 Details

  BRU JneR Doll

BRU JneR Doll

BRU bisque head doll made in France around 1899 marked BRU JneR.
See BRU JneR Details

  French Fashion Doll

Gaultier French Fashion Doll

French Fashion doll (Poupee) with a bisque head made in France by Francois Gaultier..
See Gaultier Details

  Tete Jumeau Doll

Tete Jumeau Doll

Antique Tete Jumeau Doll.
See Tete Jumeau Details

  ABG Fashion Doll

ABG Turned Head Fashion Doll

German turned head French fashion style doll by Alt Beck and Gottschalck (ABG).
See ABG Fashion Details

  Gaultier French Fashion Doll

Gaultier French Fashion Doll

French Fashion doll (Poupee) made in France using a Gaultier bisque head.
See Gaultier Doll Details

  Heubach Koppelsdorf 302 Doll

Heubach Koppelsdorf 302

Heubach Koppelsdorf 302 made in Germany in the 1920's wearing a reproduction French styled dress made from vintage materials. 
See Heubach 302 Details

  Simon Halbig 1129 Doll

Simon & Halbig 1129 oriental

Oriental doll by Simon & Halbig. She is the 1129 mold and was made in Germany in 1893.
See Simon Halbig 1129 Details

  DEP Jumeau Doll

TETE Jumeau Doll

French TETE Jumeau doll from the late 1880's made in France by Jumeau using a head they contracted Simon & Halbig to fire.
See DEP Jumeau Details

  Armand Marseille 323 Doll

Armand Marseille 323 Googly

Armand Marseille 323 Googly doll made in Germany around 1913. At 14 inches she is the largest version of this doll
See Armand Marseille 323 Details

  Franz Schmidt 293 Wedding Dolls

Franz Schmidt Wedding Dolls

Franz Schmidt 293 bisque head dolls dressed in original French provincial wedding costumes.
See 293 Wedding Dolls Details

  French Eden Bebe Doll

French Eden Bebe Doll

Eden Bebe made in France by Fleischmann & Bloedel between 1890 and 1899.
See Eden Bebe Details

  Simon Halbig 1160 Doll House Doll

Simon Halbig 1160 Doll

Simon Halbig 1160 doll head used to make doll house dolls and is referred to as the little woman series.
See 1160 Details

  Kestner Bisque Head 211 Baby

Kestner Bisque Head Baby

Kestner (JDK) bisque head baby with painted hair using the face of the popular Kestner 211 mold often referred to as Sammy.
See Kestner 211 Details

  Kammer Reinhardt 127

Kammer Reinhardt 127

Kammer Reinhardt 127 toddler on a 5 piece composition slant hip toddler body. This character doll was made in Germany circa 1914.
See K star R 127 Details

  SFBJ Unis 60 Paris

SFBJ Unis 60 Paris

French doll made by SFBJ. This is their UNIS 60 Paris mold and was made in France in 1921.
See Unis 60 Paris Details

  Simon Halbig 1009 fashion

Simon Halbig 1009 fashion

Simon Halbig 1009 bisque head fashion doll made in Germany from 1889 to the very early 1890's.
See S & H 1009 Details

  SFBJ Unis 301 French Doll

SFBJ Unis 301 French Doll

French bisque head doll made by SFBJ and is the popular UNIS model with the 301 mold number made in 1916 to the late 20's.
See SFBJ Unis 301 Details

  Heubach Koppelsdorf 300 Doll

Heubach Koppelsdorf 300

Heubach Koppelsdorf 300 Bisque Head Doll made in Germany. She is wearing a wonderful vintage knit dress, bonnet panties and booties
See Heubach 300 Details

  Simon Halbig 1160 doll house dol

S & H 1160 doll house doll

German Simon & Halbig 1160 bisque head doll house doll referred to as a little woman doll.  She is all original.
See S & H 1160 Details

  Kammer Reinhart 122 Toddler

K * R 122 Toddler

German character face bisque toddler mold 122 made in the early 1900's by Kammer Reinhardt using heads made by Simon Halbig.
See K star R 122 Details

  Kammer Reinhart 126 Baby

Kammer Reinhardt 126 Baby

Character face baby mold number 126 made in Germany about the early 1900's by Kammer Reinhardt using heads fired by Simon Halbig.
See K*R 126 Details

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Shipping charge includes packaging, insurance and tracking information.  We pack all dolls to insure they arrive safely.  Bisque dolls are usually double boxed to insure they arrive safely so do not be surprised when a large box arrives.  Dolls over $500 require a  signature when delivered. We sell and ship only to the continental US (no Alaska and Hawaii).  We often ship UPS and as such the items need to be to be shipped to an address (no P.O. boxes).