Above is an all wood Schoenhut boy from 1911-1930.  He came with an all original outfit.  He needed some gentle cleaning and minor repairs to the clothes.  I added the vintage coat which the owner said suited him perfectly.

Local Appraisals in Northern California

We are located in Northern California near Modesto  CA.  We have contacts and have been appraising antique and vintage dolls in the Central Valley area including Stockton, Fresno, Salida, Oakdale, Merced, Turlock, Los Banos, Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area for many years.  We have a long history as an appraiser, collector and purchasing and selling antique and vintage dolls and work to keep current on the prices and trends in the market. At present I am not a certified appraiser for insurance claims work.

We can appraise antique and vintage dolls or doll collections. For each doll we will provide a description of the doll with the history (who made it and when), The condition and an appraisal of its value.  For large collections we can come to your house to do the appraisal.

Appraisal Charges

We charge $30.00 an hour for appraisals.  For appraisals in your home this includes our time to drive to and from your location plus an additional $30.00 charge to cover gas.  In addition to local appraisals we now also offer online appraisals for people who we cannot get to.   See online appraisals

Appraisal Process

For a formal appraisal we will tag each antique and vintage doll and give it a number.  Based on the number we can then generate two types of appraisals.  The first is a simple list which include a few lines on an inventory sheet with the dolls description, identification, condition, measurements and value.  For more valuable dolls we typically fill out an appraisal sheet for each doll.  On this sheet we identify the doll and provide appropriate measurements and a detailed evaluation of the condition of the doll noting any issues with the doll that help or hurt it's value.  When generating an inventory list we can typically evaluate 10 - 15 dolls per hour.  For an appraisal sheet we can typically evaluate 5 to 8 dolls per hour

Because Elisabeth is a collector she is always looking for dolls to add to her collection.  If you have dolls that you want to part with and that she is interested in we can take them in place of part or all of the appraisal charge.

Please note that there a very few antique and vintage dolls (especially compositions dolls from the 30's) that cannot be absolutely identified.  Manufacturers sometime shared molds or copied popular dolls and did not mark the bodies.  For these dolls the only way to positively identify them is from tags on the original cloths.  For these dolls I can document the age and show the possible manufactures.  There are also a few early antique bisque dolls where even the experts are not sure who made them. Also many of the early china head dolls are unmarked and the makers are not known.