Online Appraisal Form

To do an online appraisal of your doll you will need to be able to take digital pictures of your doll and attach them to the online appraisal form.   Don't start filling out the form until you have the digital pictures you will need ready.  Please note that there's a 20 MB limit for the total size of all the photos you upload and a 5 MB limit per individual photo. By default many smart phones can save image files in the range of 2-3 MB so it is easy to exceed these limits if you don't do some editing of the files before you submit them.  see digital picture tips

In addition you will need to be able to send and receive Emails with requests for information and to receive the appraisal results.   I will evaluate the form and send you an Email confirming your request  and possibly requesting any additional information I need to complete the appraisal.  The fee for an appraisal is $25.00 per doll.  Please include only one doll per submission of this form. 


Note: The appraisal form is not used if you are looking to have me estimate the cost to repair a doll. For repair estimates please see the contacts page to email me the details of the repair work and attach some pictures of the doll to the email.  Based on this information we can better discuss the cost and the details of the repair to be performed. 


Please complete the following form and press " Submit Appraisal" at the bottom of the page to start the appraisal process. 

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